Forced Draft Cooling Towers Manufacturers in Coimbatore South India

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Bottle Shape Cooling Towers Applications

In this system, fan is located near the bottom and on the side. This fan forces the air from bottom to top. An eliminator is used to prevent loss of water droplets along with the forced air.

Forced draught fan handles cold and dry air with much less specific volume and hence air flow quantity is lesser, for a given duty, than Induced Draught. The velocity pressure which gets wasted into the atmosphere in Induced Draught is utilized effectively in Forced Draught system contributing in saving of power.

The exit air velocity is less in a Forced Draught system therefore the carry over loss gets minimized. Coupled with this very high efficiency drift eliminators reduce the total drift loss to max. 0.05% compared with 0.2-0.3% for other system. This also eliminates the drift nuisance as well as algae formation.


As the air entry is from one side and discharge from the top, the clearance required for forced draught is only form one side. Whereas for Induced Draught, clearance from all the sides is required, effectively consuming more space.


Over and above the preceding points, forced draught has moving parts near the foundation increasing stability and life. The fan handles dry air therefore problem of corrosion reduces considerably and moisture condensation, motor burnouts also eliminate. Maintenance is easier as the fan is near the ground and easily accessible. The top is open hence internals are also easily accessible.