Bottle Shape Round Type Cooling Towers Manufacturers Coimbatore

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Round Type Cooling Towers are also referred as Bottle Shape Cooling Towers in the industry because of the bottle like shape. The robust line of round bottle shape cooling towers is manufactured in the range of 5 TR to 600 TR capacities.

The series complies the concept of induced draft and counter flow functioning. The hot water is circulated in the cooling tower and spreader over the fills/packing by means of self rotating sprinkler. Concurrently the atmospheric air is drafted through an induced draught fan mounted on the top of the cooling tower. The traveling of air and water in opposite direction makes this principle a counter flow type. An evaporation loss of the water leads to the lowering down of water temperature.



  • Chemical Petrochemical Industries
  • Dairy Product Process Industries
  • Plastic Manufacturing Industries
  • Paper Manufacturing Industries
  • Laminated Sheet Industries
  • Paints Manufacturing Industries
  • Steel Plants / Rolling Mills / Metal Casting / Metal Forging Plants
  • Resort Hotel Hospitals Malls
  • Plastic Packaging Industries
  • Rubber Manufacturing Process Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Solvent Extraction Plant

These Bottle Shape Cooling Towers  are known for their artistic design, elegant shape, excellent features, Toughness and higher performance.

Delta’s DFC-50 series constitutes the line of round FRP Bottle Shape Cooling Towers , which are highly acceptable in every kind of industry.

  • HVAC
  • Refrigeration Chilling Plant
  • Diesel Engine Gas Engine
  • Natural Gas Engine
  • Induction Heating Steel Furnace (Ferrous Non-Ferrous Metal)
  • Plastic Injection Blow Moulding Machine
  • Water Cooled Air Conditioning systems VAM Machines
  • Cold Storage
  • Milk Dairy Plants
  • Oxygen Plants
  1. Design
  2. Casing
  3. Fill
  4. Sprinkler
  5. SCSP Nozzles
  6. Drift Eliminator
  7. Axial Fan
  8. Motors
  9. Corrosion Free
  10. Light Weight
  11. Installation, Service & Maintenance